Top 10 Weird Shoes

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This weird shoe whilst having a cd player in it can make sure you never go without any sound. It is based off the model of the Nike Air and it even has a play stop and pause button to make sure you never miss a beat. Personally I am not too sure how well this shoe would cope with being run with but oh well its cool, isn’t it?

wierdshoe1 Top 10 Weird Shoes

Have you ever wanted a weird shoe where you could hit someone, well now you can. This boxing glove shoes are designed specifically to give someone a kick or a ‘punch’ with your feet. I do not know whether they would be good for your feet’s health so I suggest if you manage to find a pair to probably not wear them 24/7 as you may need some physiotherapy after.

weirdshoe2 Top 10 Weird Shoes

Some weird shoes have purposes; this one however, does not. You are expected to walk around on the ball of your foot. So basically you could have just gone bare foot with some colourful decoration around your ankle and it may produce the same result. Actually, who am I kidding this would grab the attention of anyone who saw you wearing this weird shoe.

wierdshoe3 Top 10 Weird Shoes

YES! Exactly what I wanted for Christmas, weird pair of shoes that look exactly like another set of feet. However, with these I can show everyone the hair on top of my feet is a actually shoelace.  I cannot comment on the comfort rating of these shoes however they do seem to be pretty appealing to the eye and much more comfortable than some of the other weird shoes on this list.

weirdshoe4 Top 10 Weird Shoes

Ever wanted a fast car… Well now you can get some for your feet. I do not think they make you run much faster so don’t try to go breaking world records in them. Unless the record is of course world’s weirdest pair of shoes. These shoes even come with a set of headlights and rims to make sure your weird shoes are totally pimpled out before you get in for a joyride.

wierdshoe5 Top 10 Weird Shoes

Banana Heels, yeah why not.  These days everything is being invented so why not produce a pair of heels that are like bananas. You will definitely attract the stares if you put a pair of these shoes on so don’t think its because you didn’t wear deodorant. Just a warning before you put them on though, try not to slip on the banana peel…

wierdshoe6 Top 10 Weird Shoes

One of my favourite weirdest shoes is the Giraffe shoe. What an extremely long neck it has. It is one of my favourites due to the fact you could wear this shoe and get away with some fashion as well. I am not sure if it is made from real giraffe so probably check before you get a pair.

wierdshoe7 Top 10 Weird Shoes

Love bugs and creepy crawlies? Then this weird shoe is for you. Storing a Tarantula in your shoe may cause some screams from people walking by but you will definitely be the life of the party if you have these weird shoes. Personally I am not sure whether it is actually against laws to keep animals in your shoes and I am also not sure how you actually get them in or if it comes with them but I still cannot be less amazed by this shoe.

weirdshoe8 Top 10 Weird Shoes

Going fishing? Then purchase a pair of these fish sandals/thongs/flip flops. Whilst they might be slippery and scaly they will provide hours of entertainment and even when you come home empty handed from that fishing session you can at least have a joke that you caught something.

weirdshoe9 Top 10 Weird Shoes

Personally I think this is the weirdest shoe to ever be made. I just stare at it and go WHYYYY. It looks like a sac or pod where an alien would live or maybe a cacoon for a caterpillar.  Its description calls it the bubble shoe but I’m not sure why you would want a bubble on the back of your foot.

weirdshoe10 Top 10 Weird Shoes



So that is our top 10 list of weird shoes. If you found this article interesting please feel free to like it on Facebook and share it to your friends. Also, comments are appreciated and check out the rest of our website. Hope you had as much fun reading this as I did creating it!

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