Top 10 Most Devastating Earthquakes Ever

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Out of all the natural calamities that horrify mankind, earthquakes rank to be the most dangerous. Earthquakes are a threat to mankind because their occurrence cannot be predicted in advance and hence no warnings can be given to the people residing in those areas to vacate and move to other places. There have been many earthquakes in our history but here we have shortlisted the top 10 most devastating earthquakes ever.



The earthquake that occurred in Hokkaido Japan in the year 1930 was one of the deadliest earthquakes that ever happened in Japan. We are well aware of the fact that Japan is an earthquake prone country but out of all the earthquakes this one has been the worst in Japan. The earthquake was so intense that it even resulted in the triggering of Tsunami that caused almost 137, 000 fatalities. The region was again attacked by earthquake in 2003 but this time it was not as deadly as the 1930 earthquake.


HOKKAIDO JAPAN Top 10 Most Devastating Earthquakes Ever



An earthquake of 7.3 magnitude hit Ashgabat on the 6th of October in the year 1948. It was revealed by the Government that almost 110, 000 people became victims to this earthquake and lost their lives.


ASHGABAT TURKMENISTAN 300x300 Top 10 Most Devastating Earthquakes Ever



A much severe earthquake occurred in 1923 along with intense firestorms and typhoons that resulted in a massive destruction of Tokyo as well as the other surrounding areas. It was later revealed that almost 142, 000 people lost their lives in this earthquake and around 38000 were immediately burned due to the effect of the fire tornado.


KANTO JAPAN 300x199 Top 10 Most Devastating Earthquakes Ever



Haiyuan experienced a very fatal earthquake in the year 1920. This earthquake was believed to put an end to the lives of almost 200, 000 people. Haiyuan is an earthquake prone area because it is located at the northeastern side of the Tibetan Plateau. The earthquake was so intense that it destroyed a long area of 237 kms.


HAIYUAN CHINA 300x230 Top 10 Most Devastating Earthquakes Ever



The Ardabil earthquake took away 150, 000 lives with it and also became the cause of the destruction of the largest city in the northwestern Persia. Persia had not overcome the loss from this earthquake when it was again hit by another earthquake in 1997.


ARDABIL IRAN 256x300 Top 10 Most Devastating Earthquakes Ever



The 856 Damghan earthquakes had a very devastating effect on Iran. Iran has always been the victim of most of the earthquakes owing to its location near to the fault lines. This earthquake was the reason of the loss of 200,000 lives and was followed by the Bam earthquake which occurred after about a millennium and reminded us of this massive destruction.


DAMGHAN IRAN 300x200 Top 10 Most Devastating Earthquakes Ever


This earthquake took place in the year 1138, many years ago but had a very horrifying effect on the nation. An estimation of 230, 000 people lost their lives in addition to a massive destruction of the town as well as the neighborhood. It was of very high magnitude and even resulted in tsunami.

ALEPPO SYRIA 300x192 Top 10 Most Devastating Earthquakes Ever



This earthquake occurred in 2004 and the memories of the losses incurred due to this earthquake are still quite fresh in the minds of the people. It was an undersea earthquake that had an epicenter off the western coast of Indonesia. This earthquake even gave rise to Tsunamis that smashed till the coastal regions as well. It resulted in the loss of 227, 898 lives.


INDIAN OCEAN Top 10 Most Devastating Earthquakes Ever


An earthquake struck the Tansghan region in China in the year 1976. The magnitude was so high that it devastated the whole area and took away 655, 000 lives though the Government officially claimed a loss of 240, 000 lives. It marked an end to an era because the Prime Minister as well as the communist leader too lost their lives in this devastating earthquake.


TANSGHAN CHINA 300x207 Top 10 Most Devastating Earthquakes Ever



Out of the many earthquakes that have ever struck China or other parts of the world, the Shaanxi earthquake that hit China in the year 1556 had the most devastating results. With an 8.0 magnitude this earthquake resulted in the loss of 820, 000 lives. The intensity of the earthquake was such that most of the valleys and hills were instantly formed as well as the rivers were forced to change their course of flow. As per the records the Shaanxi earthquake in China was the most destructive of all the earthquakes that have ever taken place.

SHAANXI CHINA 300x184 Top 10 Most Devastating Earthquakes Ever

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