Top 10 Best Australian Movies Ever Produced

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Top 10 Best Australian Movies Ever Produced

crocodile dundee 216x300 Top 10 Best Australian Movies Ever Produced

Australian movies over the years have provided us with hours of entertainment in front of the big screen and on our couches. Many of us do not know where to look when they want a tiny bit more of our Australian culture so we have provided you with a list of the top 10 best Australian movies ever produced. Hopefully you can find a movie you have not seen in the list or otherwise feel free to leave a comment about a movie which should be included but has been left out.

10.Wolf Creek

Produced in 2005, Wolf Creek brought many of screams and nightmares to our theatres. The movie was filmed on a high definition handy cam to give the sense of reality much like the Blair Witch Project.  Another aspect that gives that sense of ‘reality’ to the film is that it is in fact a true story. It is set in outback Australia as three backpackers are travelling and their car happens to break down. They are given a lift by a local who happens to be just there at the time and tells them he can fix their car. After watching the characters for the first 45 minutes you can a sense of attachment to them so when the next hour begins of the film it leaves you with a great sense of emotion. I will not spoil anything for you but you can guess what happens next.

9.Mad Max 2: Road Warrior

Who can forget Mad Max and Mel Gibson. Just about one of the only times in history has the sequel been close to being as good as the original. I will go into some more detail in the section for Mad Max below at number 7 but this movie contains some of the greatest car chase scenes to date. If you are sick of movies having unrealistic cinematography put some spin on a car chase then you need to watch this and get back to the good old days.


Lantana is a drama/mystery film for you that do not know what it is about. Lantana is such a great movie due to it containing such real characters. What these characters do people can relate to in everyday life (Not saying everyone does these things). It revolves around four couples each who have something to hide from their partner and as the movie progresses the web untangles and each encounter with each other. It is a brilliantly written script and storyline which is why it deserves a spot on the top 10 Australian produced movies list.

7.Mad Max

Some may claim that Mad Max is the best Australian film and it does have its claim. Filmed in 1979 the original to the famous serious starring Mel Gibson is featured around a barbaric future where a vicious bikers gang murder a police man’s family to try and make the fight personal. The movie is always fast paced so you will not get bored and just like the sequel the car chases are amazing. The acting may be a little over the top at times but what wasn’t over the top in 70’s. If you still have not seen this movie I highly recommend you get straight to watching it.

One of the most historic events in Australian history has been produced into a movie. If you do not know what happened at Gallopoli I suggest doing a bit of reading before you watch this movie as it will defiantly  bring a tear to your eye. The movie depicts two Australians who sign up to go to Turkey to fight as ANZAC’s.  The tagline of the movie really says it all “from a place you’ve never heard of… a story you’ll never forget.”

5.Two Hands

If you want to see Heath Ledger at a young age then put this straight into your dvd player and get watching. The movie is about Jimmy (Heath Ledger) being in debt to the local gang of thugs after the money he has been given to deliver gets stolen after he decides he wants to take a dip at the beach. The film seems to capture you right from the very beginning as you can relate to Jimmy’s character from the get go.

Mick Molloy, Australian funny man has produced one of the funniest Australian movies ever. It is comical genius as the storyline is as follows. A man, Jack Simpson, belongs to his local bowls club duly for the reason to obtain the great parking they have on offer. When the bowls club starts to get into financial trouble Jack is forced to start playing professionally to try and win some money to keep the bowls club alive. The script is extremely well written and any Australian will appreciate this movie.
3.The Castle

Everyone loves the movie the castle. This movie has been known for its one-liners which can cause stiches of laughter. It is a story of how a family take a dispute about owning their house to the high court as local authorities and authorities from the airport try to claim their land for their own use. I will not ruin the ending but get this onto your television or computer screen as soon as humanly possible.

2.The Dish

The Dish is a movie which defiantly belongs in the top 10 best Australian movies ever produced. It is based on a true story but the producer has decided to throw in some events to add comical value which has been tremendous for its overall value. It is about the recording of the first moon landing as an Australian satellite from a small rural town called Parkes has to be used.

1.Crocodile Dundee

Paul Hogan, the man known as Crocodile Dundee is invited to go to New York from an American reporter after she has a visit to the Australian outback. It is a tale of love but is far from being quirky at all, I’d even go to say this is one of the funniest movies of all time.

Loves writing about things that can make people smile.

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