• PVC-free Acrovyn 4000 contains no halogens, monomers or other known persistent bioaccumulative toxins (PBTs), is tested to CAN/ULC 5102.02 and is UL® Classified, Class A/1 fire-rated and labeled, and is Cradle to Cradle Silver certified. Our doors can be constructed of FSC-certified wood and recycled material, rapidly renewable agrifiber and CARB-compliant cores that have no added formaldehyde.

  • All doors are available in all our standard colors and Chameleon patterns, for better coordination and overall aesthetic options at each opening.

  • Features the same material as our doors, so it is just as easy to clean and is bacterial- and fungal-resistant.


Doors Chameleon Simulated Patterns


Acrovyn Chameleon is free of PVC and PBTs. It is available in 22 Acrovyn Chameleon simulated wood and metal patterns.

Chameleon Patterns
Acrovyn Doors Solid Colors

Acrovyn Solid Colors

Acrovyn is free of PVC and PBTs. It is available in 68 solid colors.

Acrovyn Solid Colors
Acrovyn Doors by Design Finish

Acrovyn by Design Finish

Photographs, logos, patterns and more can be reverse printed behind Acrovyn rigid sheet, serving as a protective shield.

Acrovyn Doors by Design

Try a Door On Us

When you join our mock-up program, we’ll send you an Acrovyn Door to try at your facility to see first hand how it holds up in the toughest environments. The door will be yours to keep, free of charge.


We’re confident that your trial door will show you the unrivaled benefits that have transformed interiors for over a decade.


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The benefits of using an acrovyn door

The Acrovyn door boasts features, benefits and options that no other door can compare with.

Benefits of using an Acrovyn Door - Easy to Replace

Easy To Replace

Benefits of using an Acrovyn Door - Lifetime Warranty

Edge of a Lifetime Warranty

Benefits of using an Acrovyn Door - Cleanability


Benefits of using an Acrovyn Door - Tested


bacterial and fungal resistant

Bacteria & Fungal Resistant

Benefits of using an Acrovyn Door - Cradle to Cradle

Cradle to Cradle

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Your Canvas

Select an image below or to customize your door.

Your Palette


Our new lifecycle cost analysis breaks down the competition. See how Acrovyn Doors can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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Most Damage Occurs at the Edges

That’s why Acrovyn Doors feature radiused edges for extra impact protection.

most damage occurs at the edges

Leed? V4 Compliant

All our Acrovyn doors can help to contribute toward LEED® v4 credits.  LEED® v4 encourages the use of materials for which life cycle information is documented, as in the Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Products Program.

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